About Me

I am a dedicated and highly motivated professional with a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Engineering. My expertise lies in parallel computing, cloud administration, and software development. As a former research assistant at Selçuk University, I excelled in teaching, mentoring and these experiences not only sharpened my understanding but also inspired me to delve deeper into learning. Then, as a cloud administrator at ULAKBIM -NREN-, I managed the OpenStack infrastructure, delivering essential services to institutes and universities while addressing internal technology needs. I thrive on challenges as opportunities for growth, and my passion for innovation drives me to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving world of technology.

Contact Details

Erdem Ağbahca
Çankaya Ankara Turkey


Ms in Computer Engineering

Selçuk University 2016

I have received my Ms degree from Selçuk University while working as a Research Assistant. My primary focus was on Distributed & Parallel Computing, GPGPU, and I also published a paper on image processing. For my thesis, I constructed a 9-node SBC cluster and conducted extensive testing of various distributed algorithms using MPI (C/C++).

BSc. in Electrical&Electronics Engineering

Bahçeşehir University 2012

As a full scholarship student at Bahçeşehir University, my passion for electronic and embedded systems surpassed the electrical aspects of the field. For my capstone project, I designed an ultrasonic system to track and predict the movement of small object within a specific area. Additionally, during my studies, I served as a Tutor Assistant for a programming class for a semester and hosted a weekly radio program on Bahçeşehir University Radio for two years.


Tubitak Ulakbim

System&Cloud Administrator 2021 - 2023

I have actively participated in the end-to-end deployment, migration, and seamless integration of OpenStack services and modules, taking on vital roles to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 support. My involvement commenced with the migration of an existing Newton version to a newer release. Additionally, I successfully managed various critical in-house projects at ULAKBIM, including web to cups servers, firewalls, edge/cloud switches, and other essential components.

  • Design, installation, and maintenance OpenStack cloud infrastructure platform and troubleshoot problems, actively perform investigation and implement the solution
  • Used kolla-ansible to deploy OpenStack
  • Development of several scripts to migrate every aspect (including instances) of OpenStack using OpenStackSDK to migrate Newton to newer version with minimal downtime. Expansion and generalization of that script to merge projects.
  • Installation and management of CEPH cluster deployed both as-is or over Proxmox, and integration with OpenStack
  • Management of existing Firewalls and DNSs, deployment of new firewalls (BSD variants and OpnSense)
  • Deployment and maintenance IPsec and VOIP services
  • Deployment of Foreman to speed up physical server deployment/provisioning
  • Deployment and population of dockerized Netbox for inventory management and network modeling
  • Building OpenVAS from source to scan cloud IPs for possible vulnerabilities.
  • Design, development and scripting a configuration flow pipeline to see changes on several servers like DNS and Firewall (Git)
  • Gitlab, SonarQube, Jenkins deployment to meet software team’s needs
  • Selçuk University

    Research Assistant 2014 - 2020

    I was mainly tasked with education and managerial works in Selçuk University. I have been involved in every aspect of education, lectured courses, made the necessary examinations about these courses and graded them. From discipline commission to student mentoring, I was also part of every commission in the faculty and department. I was also commissioned as IT personnel and Computer Sciences Research&Application Center assistant manager along with my faculty and department tasks. In this period I received my master’s degree and started my PhD in the same university which I had to quit after resignation.

  • Lectured a wide variety of courses (e.g. Algorithms , Computer Graphics, Programming Languages, Logic Circuits etc.)
  • Managed Labs, planned exam periods and exam placements
  • Conducted disciplinary hearings, acclimatization and equivalence tasks
  • Handled foreign correspondence, and foreign interns
  • Mentored culturally diverse students, directed their capstone projects and guided them through their university life
  • Conducted research in topics: Parallel&Distributed Computing, Activity Recognition in Deep Learning and Image Processing
  • Converted and optimized Matlab code to C++ gaining up to 5x speedup (IROS Pub.)
  • Designed and built the Selçuk Weather Station hardware, data/image acquisition software
  • Hosted XNA programming workshops for students and led them to built multiplayer/splitscreen 2D games
  • Coached faculty basketball team and finished the university league as second
  • Assistant Manager:
  • Managed labs and personnel of BAUM
  • Led software teams of IT and handled university wide correspondence for developed softwares
  • Researched and experimented with VDI to eliminate the need of buying new PCs for both BAUM Central Labs and university personnel
  • Researched and experimented with PXE booting to prevent annual maintenance and re-installation over 500 BAUM Central Lab Computers
  • Designed, developed RFID card readers and their central software for university turnstiles to mitigate high prices of present RFID readers and implanted them on central labs enterance
  • Developed a central Digital Announcement Web Application (Digital Signage alike) for faculty announcement screens with BAUM interns
  • Developed a Internship Automation for faculty to track daily internship reports of students with BAUM interns